One Room Challenge: Office/Lounge Renovation Week 1


orcSo, it’s been awhile!  We’ve been hard at work renovating our new house, and I just haven’t made the time to sit down and write about it quite yet- but I’ve got lots on the docket!  However, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from my hiatus (is that a thing?)  to participate in/play along with this fall’s One Room Challenge put on by Calling it Home and HouseBeautiful!

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Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, We’re Hunting Houses!

third time's a charm!

With the Hunter house finished and a little breathing room back in our bank account, it’s finally time to find ourselves a place of our own!  You may recall my little tour of our apartment… it was a little tour, for a very little apartment.

While it’s in an amazing location, the lack of space in our unit, and having to share the backyard now that the building is filling up, is starting to wear on us.  The pups are starting to show signs of being a little too close to each other all of the time too, so it’s definitely time for us to move on and find ourselves a little more room to spread out! Continue reading

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Shallot

brussels with shallot and bacon

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

With my favorite food holiday upon us, I thought it might be time to start another section of the blog for one of my favorite things- FOOD!  My good friend over at started a food blog awhile back (if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do!), and ever since, I’ve been thinking about how blogging recipes might actually make me, you know, write them down?  Like a normal person? I tend to just throw things into a dish, and if it ends up tasting great, well, awesome! …buuuut I probably don’t remember what I put in it to make it taste that way.  Oops. Continue reading

Master Bathroom!


So, somewhere along the way in our various moves, and the craziness that our lives entail, I’ve managed to lose a bunch of photos.  You guys, it’s been driving me crazy. I had a couple little tutorial posts planned highlighting some fun projects, and I knew I had taken some photos on older phones/cameras, and now I can’t find them anywhere.  It wasn’t even really that big of a deal when I set out to find them, but now that they seem to be gone, I NEED THEM.  I’m not going to give up just yet, but I think it’s time to breathe, and write about the master bath renovation instead… which, rest assured, we have plenty of pictures for.    Continue reading

Sneak Peek!


Just a quick update to whet your appetite with the exterior ‘after’ photo while I put together some more posts showcasing my favorite areas- the master bath and kitchen! Be sure to check out all of the before pics to see where we started!