Tiny NOLA Apartment: After

Here, the pups enjoy taking up our entire bed.

So, I’m a little late with my post this week. Sorry!  I’m going to chalk it up to the holiday weekend and a great visit with family, but we’re back in nice, warm New Orleans and I’m ready to show you how we made our little apartment work for us!

When you first walk into the front of our apartment, it’s our bedroom. Continue reading

Tiny NOLA Apartment: Before


Hi guys. Here I am for week 2 of my New Year’s resolution to be a better blogger! Woohoo, I’m on a roll!

Since part of our former crazy-not-enough-time-for-blogging-life is a result of moving yet again, I figure I might as well give y’all a little tour of our new digs. Since we moved from our fairly large home in Gulfport (which I just posted about to give you a reference… I know, I’m the worst) into less than 500 square feet, it was, and still is, an adventure.  Continue reading