Our first house


Keeping with the home tour theme, we’re going to take it back a bit to our very first house, which was also the recipient of our first attempts at DIYing (oh, how far we’ve come!). I’ve learned a whole lot since taking on these first projects, and will hopefully continue to learn more tips and tricks to get things done a little bit, ahem, better… and more quickly/easily!  We’ll also see just how many messy house and puppy cameo pictures we can pack into one post (eek! note to self: re-stage and take better pics one day!!).

We love our adorable little 1920s bungalow, and it’s in an absolutely wonderful neighborhood, with great neighbors and a fantastic community association.  We really loved it there, so when the time came to move closer to our respective jobs, it was hard to let go, and the decision to keep the house and rent it out was an easy one.  2 years later, we’re SO glad we made that decision.  Continue reading

Tiny NOLA Apartment: Before


Hi guys. Here I am for week 2 of my New Year’s resolution to be a better blogger! Woohoo, I’m on a roll!

Since part of our former crazy-not-enough-time-for-blogging-life is a result of moving yet again, I figure I might as well give y’all a little tour of our new digs. Since we moved from our fairly large home in Gulfport (which I just posted about to give you a reference… I know, I’m the worst) into less than 500 square feet, it was, and still is, an adventure.  Continue reading

Windance House Tour!


It appears that I like to do things a little backwards over here at abitoftlc.com, and instead of going into all the excruciating details of our year-long live-in renovation (about which I have a bunch of great ideas for posts, but no actual posts…. I’ll get there, maybe), I’m just going to go straight to the before and afters and show you the final product…again.  I’m a sucker for a big reveal. Anyway, this house was a total mess (2 dumpsters worth, actually) when we bought it, but I could see the potential as a great family home for someone, so we tried to integrate finishes and a layout that a family would appreciate for the longer term. I guess technically this was our first attempt at flipping/rehabbing… maybe that’s an excuse for why it took so long (despite us actually staying there) and why we didn’t make out quite as well as we’d hoped?  We ended up finishing the cottage (which we started later) before this one.

Despite some ups and downs, after a year of working on it, I absolutely loved the way it turned out. Continue reading

Little Cottage Rehab Project: Finished!


Well, clearly I have failed in my plans to keep you updated throughout the rehab process. Turns out, it was a TON of work and we’ve kept super busy getting it done. Not to mention work still continues on the Gulfport property (you’d think the live-in renovation would move faster… somehow it’s just not happening!). Now that we have a little free time again, I’ve got plenty to tell you about.  Since we’ve just finished,  I figured I’d just go ahead and get right to the good stuff:  ‘After’ pictures!  Continue reading

Our Little Cottage Rehab Project

119 C It would make sense to complete one project before starting in on another.  Extending this theory out, it would make even more sense to finish one house before starting another.  Making sense just isn’t my style, so, despite the fact that we’re still hard at work on our house in Gulfport, MS (more on that to come!), we’ve gone ahead and gotten ourselves a little project house in Mobile, AL.  This one is a bit of an adventure, so I thought I’d kick things off with it.

This property is a 2-bedroom, 1-bath  house, and is about 1300 sq ft.  It was built in the ’30s (we think) and was being sold as part of an estate.  It hasn’t been updated, probably ever,  and thus needs quite a bit of TLC (see what I did there?).  As in, pretty much everything needs to be re-done.   Fun fact: It happened to be raining on the day we closed, and when we walked in there was water pouring down the wall. I mean, we knew there was water damage and that it would need a new roof, but actually seeing liquid coming down the wall and pooling on the floor is a little scary… maybe that’s why nobody else wanted it.  I can’t really say I blame them.  Continue reading