Hi!  Welcome to A Bit of TLC!  We’re Mike and Erin, and we have recently stumbled into the crazy world of real estate renovation, rehabilitation and investing.  While it was somewhat of an unintended path, we’re thoroughly enjoying the ride!

Things got a little crazy a few years ago when we both got new jobs an hour (for him) and 2 hours (for me) from our first home in Mobile, AL.   We decided to rent out our first house, both because of the time-crunch we were under to move, and because there’s just something about the first house you share that makes it tough to let go of.   We bought our first fixer-upper about halfway between job locations, in Gulfport, MS, and began renovating like crazy to turn an ugly house into something someone might want to live in! We had hoped an investment property/ “flip” house would turn out to be the right decision, since we knew we’d likely only be in the area short-term- and indeed, with another set of job changes, we were off to the great city of New Orleans!

We’ve quickly realized how fun and rewarding it can be to take an uninviting house, and turn it into a welcoming and beautiful home…. and, well, now we’re  hooked!  We’ve been learning so much as we go along, and have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.  We’re thrilled to be able to share some of our experiences with you!


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