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Hey Y’all!  Hope your 2017 is going amazingly already!  Now is about the time when we all start to hop on the struggle bus when it comes to our health and fitness resolutions (I mean, roasted cauliflower 5 ways is great and all, but let’s be real, delicious pizza is overdue).  I’m also already daydreaming about a beachy vacation (thus the photo, haha- #goals)- because back-to-work after holidays is no fun.  How are your goals/resolutions coming along?  Are you staying on track, or already starting to drop off a bit too?

Since I’ve started up this whole coaching and accountability thing, it’s had an amazingly positive impact on keeping ME accountable and focused on achieving my goals, while also helping others keep on track with theirs.  I definitely want to keep the momentum going, so I want to invite y’all to one of our free groups, so none of us will lose steam on our 2017 health and fitness goals!  SO.  I seriously want everyone who wants to, to be able to get involved and have some support.  After some thought, it seems like there’s no better way than to offer FREE entry into one of our next challenge groups!

Getting involved is super easy.  You can sign up for a  free team beachbody account, then we’ll be in touch via the email address your provide.  We’ll evaluate your individual health and fitness goals, and get you set up in a challenge group to help you keep accountable and guide/support you along the way (and you’ll meet/interact with some wonderful, like-minded people!). There’s also an option to add in the Beachbody-On-Demand (BOD) component by using a 30-day free trial offer on access to streaming workouts.  The on-demand access makes it super easy to knock out a quick work out at home, so it makes for a perfect tool to challenge yourself and help reach your goals (especially for all you northerners… I would NOT want to leave my house in the cold!!!).  I promise it’s totally free, and we won’t try to push you to buy anything (unless you want to! in which case we’re happy to offer suggestions-  but there’s NEVER going to be any pressure).  It’s all about helping each other! <3

We’ve got some fun groups/challenges coming up, including a 5-day clean eating group, a 3-week health and fitness challenge, a couples challenge, and a 3-day post-mardi gras detox (3-day refresh would be required for this last group only).

Sign-up for free to get started, and let’s help each other kick some serious butt at our health and fitness goals (and get ourselves ready for summer and beachy fun!).   I know we can all make 2017 an awesome year! 🙂

#beachgoals.  the struggle is real.

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