New Year’s Resolution Fitness Challenge!

new-yearHappy New Year and Welcome to 2017!  It’s a new year, and that means goal-setting and resolution time.  I’m not huge on resolutions per-se, but I do like to take some time over the holidays to think about all the good things that the past year brought, and think about short and long term goals. I’ve recently started writing a lot of things down (mainly because I’ve killed enough brain cells by this point in life that I pretty much can’t remember anything that isn’t in writing!), and I’ve found that writing down and referring back to specific goals has been good for me.  Guess all those gurus are right!

Anyway, one of my main goals for the year is to get healthy again and lose this desk-job midsection that I’ve acquired, and keep myself accountable by posting about it more.  So here I am, documenting things. Step 1 was doing a quick, 3-day detox to de-bloatify myself after the holiday over-indulgences and kickstart healthier eating  (it went way better than I expected- I actually enjoyed it. which is totally weird because it was a detox, but I’ll take it).  I ate lots of veggies during those 3 days and it felt so good to eat well again!

Step 2 is participating in the January Health Bet.  It’s a 30 day challenge, and by drinking shakes and logging workouts all the participants will split a pot of $.  I won a little the last time they had a health bet, and it was definitely an extra little kick in the behind.  I want to try to stick with a workout program too, and be better about following the nutrition guides for these next 30 days.  I’ve been kind of half-assing it until this point, so I really want to see how 30 days of dedication can pay off. Since I now have streaming access to all of the workouts, I really have no excuse not to do it!  It’s January resolution time, so the time is right, haha.

Our Challenge Group starts Monday and I’m excited to really give this thing a shot and see how it goes!  We still have room for more people, so if you want to join in and make sure I’m not slacking off, let me know!!  We’d love to have you! 🙂

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