One Room Challenge- Office/Lounge Reveal!

It’s reveal time!  It’s been a whirlwind, and we’re not even totally finished but I’m so incredibly happy to be able share the results of this One Room Challenge Office/ Lounge Makeover with you!  This 6-week challenge turned out to be just that:  it was a serious challenge to get it all done in 6 weeks, but I’m so glad that fire was lit under us, because we now have a new favorite space in our home.

Let’s kick it back to week 1 real quick with a shot of the waaaay before:
master bathroom
previous life as a master bath
…and the right before:
the current state of affairs: doors to the outside added, and clearly it has become a catch-all room for now. EEK! What a mess!
EEK! What a mess!
Woah. We’re not in a Master Bath anymore, Toto.  Things have changed drastically in here, and we’re thrilled.
imgp9410 imgp9407
As far as the “Office” part goes, it’s actually confined to this teensy little corner with the custom desk I built for the space.  This holds the-laptop-that-must-not-be-unplugged (yeah, yeah, time for an upgrade… but she’s still chuggin’ so we’ll let her stay a little longer! 😉 )  and will soon have some built-in shelves for lots of storage in the little alcove.
 We both tend to do a lot of our computer-based work from the couch anyway, so we put a stronger focus on the cozy/comfortable “lounge” part.
It’s also a perfect place for one of us to hang out and read/chill if the other is working.
this decanter set, y’all. *swoon*
We still need to beef up the wall decor, but for me that tends to happen organically over time as we find pieces that speak to us, so I didn’t want to rush it, even though it feels a little sparse right now.  I absolutely love this constellation print and these bird brackets that I found at homegoods, though!
bird brackets!
bird brackets!
Nighttime seems to be the best time to get a decent photo from this angle with all of the light they let in (photo skills fail), but check out those reclaimed doors!
Well, that’s that, and boom, we have a gorgeous new room thanks to calling it home and house beautiful giving me the ORC kick-in-the-rear that I needed!  As thrilled as I am about how this space turned out, I think I’m even more excited to spend my evening in here, sipping a drink out of our gorgeous new decanter set, and looking through all the amazing rooms everyone else has put together.  Seriously you guys, there are so many beautiful ideas and inspiration to be found, and I’m so proud of all of us for kicking this challenge’s boot-ay!  <3

12 thoughts on “One Room Challenge- Office/Lounge Reveal!

  1. Oh Erin, it looks amazing!! The furniture is gorgeous, the paint is perfect, the accessories are killer and the floors…Well, you know how amazing I think they are! You made that space beautiful! I’d love to sit in one of those leather chairs and drink a martini ;)….

    1. We’ve already spent two of our evenings sipping nightcaps in here- the leather chairs and dark walls give off the perfect vibe for it! 🙂 Maybe I wont be getting as much work done in here as I thought, lol.

    1. Ha! Good catch! Yes, I probably should have mentioned that we moved the master bath to the other side of the room, where it makes a lot more sense for a few reasons… and it meant I got to design a brand new bath for us, so that’s always a bonus! 😉

  2. This is such a cool room! I love those doors and blue is my favorite color. I used the same color in my dining room makeover…lol. I can see you were faced with the challenge of decorating a small space but you nailed it!

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