ORC- Week 4

Hey Everyone!  I’m a little late getting my week 4 update loaded up, and I just have a few quick updates this week before it’s back to work on this office makeover…. I’m definitely feeling the 2-week countdown crunch!!


If you haven’t already, check out my progress so far:  Week 1- The PlanWeek 2… Week 3

So, during the past week :

We got the sputnik light installed and it looks fabulous!


I also DIY-ed the desk for the little indented space you can see in the back of that picture with the light.  We’ll have shelves in there, and the desk will protrude out about 2 feet to allow for a stool to go under there and make a nice little work-nook.  Since finding an actual desk that meets all the dimension-specs that we’d need for this specific space would be pretty much impossible, I knew I’d need to DIY something.  I used the desk in my mood board from week one  as a little bit of a guide, and am pretty happy with the way it turned out!


We’ve also gotten the walls mudded, and as promised, I finally decided on the color!


My chairs arrived and they’re adorable and also comfy, so I’m really happy I decided to spend the money on them.  They’re going to go perfectly in the space, and the quality is great.


I still have some decisions to make, specifically regarding wall art, rug possibilities, and whether or not to do a faux fireplace behind the walls where the chairs will go.  We’re entering the home stretch, and I’m excited to see how everyone else’s rooms are coming along too!  🙂

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