One Room Challenge: Office/Lounge Renovation Week 1

orcSo, it’s been awhile!  We’ve been hard at work renovating our new house, and I just haven’t made the time to sit down and write about it quite yet- but I’ve got lots on the docket!  However, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from my hiatus (is that a thing?)  to participate in/play along with this fall’s One Room Challenge put on by Calling it Home and HouseBeautiful!

I love seeing and being inspired by all the fantastic work everyone does with the ORC, and this 6-week challenge is just the kick-in-the-rear that I need to finally tackle the worst room in our house right now: the former-master-bath/soon-to-be office&lounge.  We demoed the room awhile back…. and that’s about it.

master bathroom
WAY before:  what this room was when we bought the house. Clearly not an office!  We moved the master bath to the other side of our bedroom, freeing up this whole space.
demolition has begun!
during demo.
the current state of affairs: doors to the outside added, and clearly it has become a catch-all room for now. EEK! What a mess!
the current state of affairs: room is demoed, doors to the outside were added, and clearly it has become a catch-all room for now. EEK! What a mess!

As you can tell, it’s a total mess in there. It’s long past time it got prettied up, especially since the doors to our deck are in here.  With the weather getting perfect for outdoor entertaining, this room just got a major bump up on the to-do list.  It’s fairly small, and connected to the deck via the new doors, our bedroom through my new walk-in/walk-through closet and to the main living space through the entryway, so it makes it the perfect space for an office area or lounge.  We decided to combine the two ideas for a combined office/lounge with an old world, moody feel (perfect for sipping drinks in the evening, or reading a good book…. or both!).

floor plan and initial thoughts for layout
floor plan and initial thoughts for layout

Since we don’t have a ton of space to work with, I’m trying to go with smaller-scale items.  However, we also need the space to double as a second guest bedroom (when my family comes to visit, it’s usually both my parents and my sister), so a convertible sofa needs to fit in there- and there’s really only one wall that can accommodate that. I managed to find a pretty velvet, tufted, somewhat smaller scale futon-style sofa on sale awhile back- and snagged it.  I’ve been picking up items here and there, and keeping an eye out for inspiration, so I’m so excited to finally get going in there and put it all together!



It’s going to be lots of work since we’re starting with some bare bones after demo in here, but the small footprint makes it do-able in the 6 week timeline, I think!  Be sure to visit the One Room Challenge link page to see all the other amazing ideas for week one, and follow along with your favorites.  And stay tuned for my week 2 post, when we’ll hopefully have gotten the room all prepped and ready for her big makeover!

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