$5 Front Door Refresh: how to add some quick curb appeal on the cheap


Today I have a quick little tutorial for one of my favorite low cost curb appeal upgrades.  I’ve found that front doors are a perfect canvas for adding some interest to the front of a house.  By adding a little pop of color, and a cute house number stencil, the front entrance to our house got way more inviting!

Front door fun

Here’s how I keep it cheap.

$3- Paint

Seems crazy cheap for paint, right? Lowes is always having sales on their sample-sized paint jars for just $0.99.  I managed to grab two of those in the teal color that I seem to love for front doors (2 jars turned out to be a perfect amount, with a little left over if I need it for touch-ups), and I actually found an “oopsie” mis-tint quart-sized blackboard paint, which I used for the numbers (and have so many ideas for other blackboard projects to use it on!) but you could go with any contrasting sample color for that also.


$0- Stencil

I’d previously bought some stencils for one of our prior projects, so I had those on hand- but you could easily print out a template and trace it onto your door (I like to use a sharpie or other marker that will bleed through the paper, and just color right over the printed out image- it’ll bleed through onto your door for a perfect guide).


$2- paintbrushes

1 set of craft paint brushes for the detail work on the house number, and 1 regular angled paintbrush from the dollar store (or your local hardware store).

Total= $5


Now that you’ve got your supplies, you’re ready to get down to it and paint your door with the new main color.  Tape off the door handles, knockers and anything else that needs to stay paint-free, or be lazy (like me!) and just carefully paint around everything.  Then, keep the brush strokes going in the longest direction of each part of the door, and fill in any insets last. 2 coats should do it.

Once your base color is dry, transfer your stencil/printed image (I usually use a pencil first for a stencil, or let a sharpie bleed through if I’m using a printout), and go over it in your contrasting paint color.  You could totally have fun with this part and paint anything you want on there, including house number, designs, or fun ‘welcome’ phrases. You could also change up the door hardware for a little extra oomph if yours is feeling a little blah (and spraypaint can do wonders!).

I added a brass lion-head door knocker for some extra fun on this historic home's front door.
I added a brass lion-head door knocker for some extra fun on this historic home’s front door.

Once you’re done, stand back and admire how different the front of your house looks with this simple change! It’s also such a quick project that if you enjoy painting, you could change it up with the seasons, or anytime you’re feeling like something new and fresh!

Front porch

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