How to add equity by re-working a home’s layout

new main living level layout

Well, we’re still over here waiting for the plumbing to get finished, so we haven’t made much progress over the past week or so.  I don’t want to leave you totally hanging, though, so I’ve mocked up the new floorplans we’re planning to implement, so you can get a sense of how we’re planning to re-work the spaces, and maybe even get some ideas for your own home! Continue reading

Building a Staircase (or: We are Slaves to our Pets)

cutting stringers and hoping our math was right!

You may recall from the before tour that we had a nice little spiral staircase going from the basement level to the main living space. It looked neat at first, but turned out to be a little bit scary/treacherous to navigate.  The VA made us install a handrail which did help a bit, and once we got used to ducking at the appropriate moment to avoid head injuries we were actually thinking “ok, we can totally handle keeping this thing for awhile”.

Then we brought the  pups over.  Continue reading