Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Shallot

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

With my favorite food holiday upon us, I thought it might be time to start another section of the blog for one of my favorite things- FOOD!  My good friend over at started a food blog awhile back (if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do!), and ever since, I’ve been thinking about how blogging recipes might actually make me, you know, write them down?  Like a normal person? I tend to just throw things into a dish, and if it ends up tasting great, well, awesome! …buuuut I probably don’t remember what I put in it to make it taste that way.  Oops.

So. I shall try to document some of my finer moments in kitchen adventures.  I might still be a little vague on amounts, but hopefully I’ll at least capture all the ingredients to get us close!IMGP9171

On to the sprouts! This is a side dish I stumbled upon when we were hosting our first thanksgiving ever in our first house.  You guys. I really don’t understand why I don’t have a constant supply of this stuff at every meal. Maybe because it’s not really that great for you with all the bacon-y wonder.  But. So. Delicious.  I mean, the main ingredient is a vegetable, so it’s totally fine, right? Right.


1 stalk fresh Brussels Sprouts

½ lb bacon, chopped into small pieces

1 shallot, chopped

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 tub of  Knorr Homestyle Stock, Chicken in 1/2 c water, or regular Chicken stock reduced

White wine or sherry (optional)

Butter (optional if needed)


Remove sprouts from stalk, removing outer/bad leaves and cut into halves or quarters.  Set aside.

IMGP9179 IMGP9182

In a deep sauté pan, sauté bacon, shallot and garlic (I add a little butter if there isn’t enough grease from the bacon to sauté the garlic and shallot).


Once shallots are clear, add the chicken stock and brussel sprouts, cover until sprouts begin to soften (add extra water to the stock if needed).

Remove cover, stir in white wine or sherry to taste and allow liquid to reduce to a sauce-like consistency.


To make things even easier (or if you can’t find fresh sprouts), you could cheat a little and use frozen or steam-in-the-bag sprouts- just cook according to the directions and add them to the bacon/shallot sauce.  You can also blanch any extra sprouts if your stalk gives you too many, and freeze them for another time.


The bacon, shallot and chicken stock add so much flavor to the brussels sprouts, and even the veggie- haters at our table have loved this side!  It is definitely a crowd favorite, and fairly quick and easy if you need to whip up a last minute side dish!




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