…and we’re back in the game!

Hey there!  I know it’s been awhile, but we’re finally back online here at the ol’ blog.  Did you miss us?

I have a confession to make.  Sometimes, I can get a little superstitious. So, when the Hunter house was on the market and getting tons of showings but no offers… over and over and over again…well, I started to get a little crazy in the head. Finally, we got a low offer, but we decided to go for it. Then they backed out (they couldn’t get financing).  Then, we got another, slightly better, offer.  Then they also backed out (they thought the insurance was too high).  At this point my crazy brain decided that I just HAD to be jinxing it, and I subsequently abandoned all talk,  blog posts,  and mentions of the place. As luck would have it, we were also heading off on a much needed vacay to Aruba (one of our absolute favorite spots), so it turned out to be a good break from the stress of everything.

 Aruban sunsets make everything better
Aruban sunsets make everything better

Whatever it was, it must have done the trick, because as our plane was en route home, we received our best offer yet, and the thing went under contract for the 3rd time.  But. I couldn’t come back to the blog yet- juuuuust in case this one wanted to back out too. I even made everyone I knew keep silent on the subject throughout the process! Luckily, the third time was the charm, and everything went smoothly. Whew!

So, since we can breathe again, I’ve had time to turn the attention back to the blog, and finally made some much needed improvements that I had been thinking about for awhile.  It’s still a work in progress, but now that I’ve ironed out some of the kinks, I’ll officially return from the hiatus and try keep up with the regular updates, and try to get the blog as good as it can be while I’m at it!

So, stay tuned, and I’ll be back in action with a re-cap of the Hunter house project,  some updates on where we are now, and ideas for our next steps!  Thanks for bearing with me! 🙂

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