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So, somewhere along the way in our various moves, and the craziness that our lives entail, I’ve managed to lose a bunch of photos.  You guys, it’s been driving me crazy. I had a couple little tutorial posts planned highlighting some fun projects, and I knew I had taken some photos on older phones/cameras, and now I can’t find them anywhere.  It wasn’t even really that big of a deal when I set out to find them, but now that they seem to be gone, I NEED THEM.  I’m not going to give up just yet, but I think it’s time to breathe, and write about the master bath renovation instead… which, rest assured, we have plenty of pictures for.    IMG_0352[1] Like most of this house, the master bath was already framed out for us when we got started.  We started with that framing as a base, but it needed a few tweaks.  For instance, the spot for the toilet was in a corner, with 2 very large windows on either side….which could get a little awkward.  There was also only room for either a tub/shower combo, or just a shower, and with moving the toilet elsewhere, what could we put by the windows?  I made the executive decision to put a clawfoot tub in the windowed corner, move the toilet to where they had planned the tub/shower combo, add a shower to one of the “closet” spaces, and put the vanity on the wall space between windows, across from the shower.

 before and after: floor plans
before and after: floor plans

This cut down on some of the closet space, and in retrospect, I wish I had made both the toilet area and the shower area each a bit smaller, to add width to the closet area.  One of the recurring critiques we’ve been getting is the lack of closet space, which is normal for an old house, but I think I could have done much better and added quite a bit more while the walls were open. Another big critique goes back to our choice in contractor going a bit South, but I’ll save that whole shebang for another post.  The closets were all me, and I had some ideas to maximize the available space, but decided to take the easy route.  Lesson learned.  Go big or go home.

closet system in some otherwise wasted space
closet system in some otherwise wasted space

Anyway, closet decisions aside, I’m quite happy with the rest of the choices in this extra-large master bath.  It actually has more square footage than the bedroom! The 3 windows made it a little trickier to place everything, but I think it worked out well.  I went with the same vanity from our little cottage rehab– I just absolutely LOVE how much storage it has.  The dark wood with the marble top is a classic style as well, and it comes with the faucets which is a nice bonus.  The clawfoot tub was on sale on, and is acrylic so it wasn’t quite as difficult to lug up the stairs as the cast-iron tub for the guest bath (you’re welcome, fellas 😉 ). I also snagged some fun border tiles on clearance, and I’m really happy with the way the shower floor design came out.

Shower floor design
We used the border on the wall as well, to tie the plain subway tile to the floor, without being overpowering.  We put a little nook in the half-wall for storing shower items, and the double shower heads and large size make it feel nice and luxurious while still open to the rest of the space, making both the shower and the bathroom feel larger (I’m obsessed with open showers… no glass to clean or curtains to mess with? Yes please.). I had an extra chandelier from IKEA for the area by the tub, and managed to find some coordinating sconces on amazon for above the vanity.  We salvaged the tall mirrors from our first rehab house, and framed them out with trim to match the vanity.  We added a closet system to just add a nice upgrade, and define that space.  Some sheer curtains add privacy while still allowing all the light in.

view from the bedroom
image How do you think it came out? Is there anything you would have done differently?

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