Some updates!

We’re nearing the finish line on our latest project, which means lots of little things getting taken care of, and finishing touches going on. This past weekend we actually treated ourselves to a night off to attend the annual block party on our old street- where our first house is. We had a blast hanging out with everyone- it definitely made us feel nostalgic and miss our old place, and the wonderful neighborhood.  We were a little worried when some nasty weather came through that afternoon, but it cleared up just in time!

Since we tackled some smaller things that don’t really require their own post, and the bad weather came back and knocked out power at the apartment for a day and a half (my poor laptop is so old that it only works when it’s plugged in now….and no wifi is a major bummer), I’ll just do a little rundown of some of the littler accomplishments of late. Not to worry, though, I’ve got both a master bath and a kitchen reveal coming your way soon (are you as excited as I am!?) and we’ve just got a few more things before the exterior is ready for prime time. This part of the project can be really stressful, but it’s really looking good now!

Dining room is staged (pay no attention to the rug rolled up in the corner 😉
Once we put our minds to it, and sorted out some geometry, we finally got the stair rail up.
Mike custom made the access doors to the unfinished attic storage areas.
We realized the pantry was really dark, so we put a light up in there… so now you can see where we’re storing all of our mess for the moment! Add cleaning and moving that stuff to the to-do list!
The weather finally cleared up for Mike to get some landscaping done. The front of the house looks much better with a little sprucing up!
How do you think it’s coming along?

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