2nd Floor Main Bath

You guys.  We are totally getting there! We’re in that oh-my-gosh, how-is-this-thing-not-done-yet stage of things, and we’re both starting to go a little crazy in the head.  We seem to reach a point of almost-done-ness where things start coming together, the house actually starts looking like a real house that a real person could actually live in, and we start noticing every.



I mean, everything.  Tiny little blemish on a wall that only a fly who happened to be sitting on it in just the right light would notice?  I notice it.  A  gap that a normal person would consider microscopic, especially in a 100-year old house where nothing is plumb or level?  Drives Mike crazy.

It doesn’t help that it’s been gross and rainy out, and supposedly is going to continue to be for the next week… so, see ya later landscaping/curb appeal to-do list (but we do have lots of new froggy friends!), and hello to all the infuriating little interior details!

Most of the rooms are done except for some trim-work, so I’m starting to stage things as we go.  Last time we were scrambling to get the house staged and touched-up by our target listing date, and it was kind of crazy.  So, I’m trying the stage-as-we-go technique with this one, and so far I like it much better.  Less stress/moving things all at once, and the added benefit of things starting to look great earlier on and giving us a little boost of optimism!

Since bathrooms are pretty straightforward staging-wise (shower curtain? shelves? check, check and doneski.) the guest bath has been looking *almost* perfect for awhile now.  The tub just looked kind of, well, old.  So now that I’ve finally tackled the refinishing of the tub,  I can show you just how cute the 2nd floor main bathroom turned out!

Once again, here’s what we were working with in here on day one.

Ah, there she is.  This photo is looking through what will become a wall, into the main bathroom.
Ah, there she is. This photo is looking through what will become a wall, into the main bathroom.

You may be able to tell that there’s already some plumbing in there. Since some lines had already been run, we decided to roll with the layout they had going, which works out just fine.  There weren’t too many layout options in here anyway (it’s about 5.5 by 7.5 feet), and this set up looks and feels best, I think.

main bathroom in progress
main bathroom in progress

Once we had the sheetrock and Durock up, we added the tile and beadboard.  While this bathroom does have a window, it looks out onto the shady backyard, so it still felt kind of dark.  We decided to go with white tile and beadboard (with a dark grout to hide dirtiness) to help brighten it up a bit.  We did the rest of the walls in a slightly darker greige (Valspar’s Silver Dollar) than the main portion of the house, and I’m digging the way the combination came out.

the main bathroom  is starting to come together!
the main bathroom is starting to come together!

Once we had all that figured out it was time to do some hooking up of the plumbing, and get the vanity, toilet and tub in and functioning!  (Remind me to give you a tutorial on how this vanity came to be out of an IKEA dresser, some fixtures from amazon, and some leftover wood. Seriously, someone come tie me to my desk chair if I forget, because I love it.  And I want you to love it with me. Then go forth and create your very own love-worthy vanity.)

Ah, I digress. I did want to mention that the wood tone of the vanity top just adds a really nice touch to the neutral colors in here, and helps tie in some of the other rustic/farmhouse elements going on in this old house.  The wall faucet also gives it a little touch of that classic old feel, and I just love the way the whole thing came out.  I was trying to reach a nice balance between traditional and new, so that it would fit in with the character of the home.  What do you think of the way it came out?

Main bathroom renovation- finished!
Main bathroom renovation- finished!
Main bathroom- finished!
Main bathroom- finished!


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