Under-Stair Bath

To help motivate ourselves after our plumbing setbacks, we decided to get at least one room finished, so naturally we picked the tiniest one! We’re all about the small victories right now. 🙂  I’m so happy with the way this little powder room turned out, and it definitely helped us see the light at the end of this renovation tunnel!

We added this powder room mostly out of necessity, as both of the full baths are on the second story.  We felt it was important to have an accessible bath on the first floor both for convenience and so guests don’t have to go upstairs to the bedroom level.

The first step was finding the space.  Luckily, a 2-piece bath doesn’t require much, so this part was easy.  I’ve always loved little under-stair powder rooms, slanted ceilings and all.  A closet had already been framed out under there, and turned out to be the perfect size to accommodate a small bathroom. It’s only about 3.5′ x 7′, but it doesn’t feel cramped in there at all.  We did mount the door to swing out, which I think really helps with the feeling of space (see my thoughts on the in-swinging door in our tiny apartment bath for the reasoning behind that decision!). Since we also had a generous pantry framed out, and the mud-room, and TONS of cabinet space….I felt fine about eliminating the smaller, under-stair storage in favor of a first floor powder room.


Once we figured out the location and the layout, getting it in there was easy.   We had plenty of plumbing to finish anyway, so it was a simple addition to add plumbing to that area.  We already had water lines planned for the fridge on the opposite side of the wall, so the extra expense was minimal.


Add a toilet, a pedestal sink, and some paint….and boom. We had a bathroom for under $500.  Hooray!  Since it’s such a small space, and you see it as soon as you walk in the front door, I decided to go a little bolder with the paint color.  I knew I wanted to carry the beadboard accent that is present in the foyer into the powder room for continuity, so there really wasn’t much wall space to paint.  I went with a nice, deep navy, which is still sort of neutral, but really gives it some extra pop and character, and the gold mirror adds a little extra glam to the space. I also really love the way the navy, white, metallic, and wood tones work together.


It was so easy to fit in, fairly inexpensive, and a great little area to have some fun with the decor without it being too much.  I just love it (as much as one can love a 2-piece bathroom, I suppose) and envision many more powder rooms going into future designs!

update:  see the full house tour for this now-finished renovation here!



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