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So this post is a little late because I realized: taxes.  My computer and my free time has been dedicated to the monstrous task of trying to organize our income and expense for all sorts of craziness, that I haven’t had much time to spare.  I’m still not quite finished, but it’s time to give the old blog a little love.  Aside from tax excitement, it’s been an eventful month!  First we had some good friends in town for some early Mardi Gras festivities.  Then my family came to visit the following week, and we all were able to experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans for the first time.  We had a blast!

Waiting for the festivities to begin at MOT in Mobile, AL.
Moms and I raking in the goods on Mardi Gras day in New Orleans, LA
After everyone went back to the Wintry Northeast (they just broke the record for snowiest winter! um, congrats?), it was time for Mike and I to get back to work! We were ready to get back to the grind. We went right back to it, and after some trial and error and many, many trips to Lowes’ plumbing department, we got the 2nd bath upstairs functioning and starting to look like, you know, a bathroom. We were so excited, especially to have a working shower, that I went ahead and tested it out….

…only to have Mike inform me that the toilet was overflowing.  In the other bathroom, downstairs. On a Friday night, no less, so we couldn’t get a plumber to scope it out until Monday (or pay through the teeth for an “emergency” call). Not. Good.

We did have a nice time relaxing on our forced days off for the rest of the weekend, though. When Monday morning arrived, Mike met the plumber, who promptly exposed a pipe with a giant hole in it, from which he pulled a jumble of tree roots.  Eek. In the end, we had to replace all of the old terra cotta pipe.  But. It could have been worse, and at least now we’ve eliminated all of the “old house” problems.  Well, not ALL of them, as nothing is level or plumb ever in these places, but the big ticket items have all been replaced, which will hopefully be a nice selling point when the time comes.

Now that we’ve got that settled, I can get to work showing you the results of the little teaser I posted last month. Stay tuned!

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