We’re on to… house three!


Hi! I didn’t get a chance to write a post this past weekend, because I was busy watching the Patriots win the Superbowl! Hooray!  It was such a good game, and we had a fun time watching with lots of people who really only cared about their pool numbers and/or gatorade bets!  We had a good natured Seahawks “fan”- he had bet against a buddy (who was also there) on the outcome.  Even the New Yorker rooted for the Pats (he knows what’s good for him 😉 ). I also had some things to do to get ready for Mardi Gras festivities- I may have woken up with sequins stuck to me this morning.  Yes,  it’s only Wednesday!  I’ll fill you in on some more Mardi Gras excitement next week, and explain the sequins!! We’ve already gotten one ball under our belts with Phoenix- which was both a new ball and new venue for us- and we had an absolute blast.  They definitely know how to do costumes right, and threw one heck of a party. Even though I stayed up way past my bedtime, we were having so much fun that we made it to the end…which doesn’t happen so often anymore!  It’ll be a hard one to top- but I know we’ll all try!! 🙂

Mike and I a few weeks ago at the Phoenix Ball
Mike and I a few weeks ago after the Phoenix Ball- our first to kick off the season right!

Since I don’t have my act together this week, and I’m preparing for some Northern visitors to escape their snowy existence and come celebrate Carnival with us, I’m thinking I’ll just give y’all a brief introduction to our latest project. I don’t want to give it away with this one just yet, so I’m just going to throw up some of the inside pictures that we took on day one. ! Dine Rm Fire Place Dining Rm and center Dining Rm looking at Front of house Foyer from living Rm Laundry Rm and Mud Rm Master Bath from Master Bed Rm Master Bed Rm from Master Bath Pic from 3rd bedroom (future Balcony) Pic from 3rd Bedroom looking at stairs leading to 3rd floor attic Pic of Guest Bath from 2nd guest Bedroom Pic of guest bath from 3rd Bedroom

Doesn’t look like much, does it?  This place was kind of an impulse decision- we were leaving the country the next day, and Mike had to scope it out and decide on the spot- with me only seeing the pictures he took.  We could tell it had the potential to be a great opportunity for us, but were a little nervous to take on such an undertaking for our third project- especially without me even getting in there.  It’s a HUGE project… much bigger than either of our other ones (at least those were live-able!),  both because it’s totally  gutted and it’s just a larger house, with 2-3 levels (2 main stories, plus attic with stairwell access). It’s also more of a historic home- we think it was built in the early 1900s.  The style of the house is consistent with the American Foursquare, a popular home style during that time. See below for an example of the style/layout, and to read a little more about the history of the foursquare, or any of the other historic home types- it’s so interesting seeing the different styles for each era! This one is located just outside of a historic district, and that tiny distance gave us a little more confidence.  We’re able to try our hand at rehabilitating this place to bring it back to it’s glory, without having to stress too much about architectural review boards just yet.  It allows us to ease into it, and if we make a slight style:era miscalculation (there’s already a mis-match of doors- so we won’t be the first, it seems) it’ll be ok, and we can learn a lot from this one before taking on the “real thing”.

It's a steal for $966!! http://antiquehomestyle.com/styles/foursquare-index.htm
It’s a steal for $966!!

I’m going to try to do this one “right” as far as the blog goes, and walk you through some of the renovations room by room- to try to piece it all together for the big reveal. You know, keep you all in suspense and coming back for more.  We’ll see if I can get y’all hooked! I know I am- I can’t wait to see how this thing comes together! 🙂

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    1. I know! It’s crazy to think how bathrooms have changed since they first started putting them into houses- they’ve gone from one small space tucked into a hall, to multiple big and luxurious retreats. That one bathroom is definitely going to gain some siblings before this renovation is through! 🙂

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