Tiny NOLA Apartment: After

So, I’m a little late with my post this week. Sorry!  I’m going to chalk it up to the holiday weekend and a great visit with family, but we’re back in nice, warm New Orleans and I’m ready to show you how we made our little apartment work for us!

When you first walk into the front of our apartment, it’s our bedroom. IMG_0762 We didn’t do much in here as far as building, but I tried to incorporate as much storage as possible. I went with the standard IKEA Rast hack, using 2 Rast dressers and a long piece of stained wood to create a custom console table/dresser/hamper storage by the door. I painted, updated the hardware, added the top and that was it! I just love those things and how easily customizable they are. We’re using a daybed to sleep on, so in the event we have lots of guests and need a little more space to move around, we can push it in to be couch sized.  The great thing about these IKEA daybeds, is that 2-twin sized mattresses can either be stacked (when it’s pushed in) for sitting, or laid side-by-side (when pulled out) to be an almost-king-sized bed- AND it has huge drawers underneath for added storage. Amazing.  We actually kind of love that we each have a separate mattress, so when I toss and turn because the environment around me isn’t *just right* I don’t wake Mike up, but we’re still next to each other (sort-of, with the transitive property of puppy contact, of course). IMG_0780 As I may have already whined about mentioned, the bathroom door is the one thing that drives me absolutely nuts.  Which is pretty impressive, considering.  They mounted the door to open into the tiniest bathroom ever, making it feel even tinier, and hitting anyone at the sink in the rear-end.  It would be a fairly easy switch to turn it around so it opens out towards the outer wall of the bedroom (by easy I mean we would have to rip out the trim and the frame, turn it around, re-mount the door and trim, re-fill the holes and re-paint….) but I’m not sure it’s worth it in our short-term rental?  Time will tell. We did throw up a medicine cabinet, a shelf, and put some storage baskets we had lying around in there so we had places to put things.  Not much else to be done, really,  it works. I just really struggle with the door.

The closet is a decent size, so we just added a shoe rack and some hooks to help hold miscellaneous items like scarves, purses, belts, ties, etc.  Despite the decent size of the bedroom closet, however, it was the ONLY closet, so that brings us into the back portion of our little home, the kitchen/living area. IMG_0025 The kitchen was recently renovated and was actually pretty cute.  Smaller than we were used to, but we weren’t expecting much, and at least we have a dishwasher. I bridged the cabinet gap over the sink with a wire closet shelf, added some shower hooks and now it’s a pot-rack- tada! There was some room next to the fridge, and since we needed a little more closet space (Mike needs to hang some stuff up too? How demanding husbands are ;), we custom built a closet to fit in the opening.  It’s free standing since we’re in a rental, and didn’t want to be putting large holes in the walls.  Right now it’s just open, and we’re debating whether its worth the time and $ to put up trim and a door to look a little more “finished”.  Mike doesn’t seem to mind his clothes being out in the open, above the trash, no less.  For me, it’s not ideal- but it’s giving us some much needed hanging storage in an otherwise empty space, and was a really quick and easy project. We also added some hooks on the opposite wall for hanging dog leashes and coats. IMG_0027 IMG_0028 We also needed a place to eat, and some pantry space wouldn’t hurt.  After looking at the layout/dimensions, we realized we could bring our chest freezer and build in some pantry shelving as well- in a another free-standing closet on the half wall dividing the kitchen and living space.   Next to this, we custom built a butcher-block breakfast bar for sitting/eating/storage/food prep to further divide the space, since our guest daybed would stick out past the half wall that far anyway.  Luckily, we had some leftover butcher block and cabinet bases from another project that we couldn’t use, so this was the perfect place to utilize those pieces, and I absolutely LOVE having the breakfast bar! IMG_0014 IMG_0011 Even with the daybed and breakfast bar sticking out past the wall, there’s still plenty of room to move around between the spaces. Our couch from Gulfport fits nicely in the nook on the other side of the living area.  The TV works on top of a dresser that fits perfectly between the windows, and also gives us lots more storage.  Storage ottomans whose tops flip over to be tables help add even more space to stash things/table space/seating, and our bar cart/shelf in the corner is a nice entertaining touch. It’ll be a really tight fit for guests/sleepovers, but it will be functional in that sense, and it’s a great, comfortable set-up for day-to-day.

we may need to work on the decorating…at least we have the Mardi Gras tree up? Priorities.

IMG_0021 IMG_0015 IMG_0018 We really tried to make sure that everything we put in here serves a necessary purpose, and many items double as extra storage, which has worked out so well! We also really enjoy the fact that we have green space in both the front courtyard/porch and the backyard/deck. We just added some seating to both areas, and with the addition of some solar light ambiance in the courtyard, we’re finding it’s one of our favorite places to wind down at the end of the day.  We really enjoy sitting on the rockers with some music and a beverage while the sun sets, and the fact that it’s enclosed means that the pups can join us, which they love too! IMG_0783 IMG_0789 Living here is a wonderful introduction to the city, but likely a temporary situation.  I love our little place, but I think a short-term relationship might be all we can handle!

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