Tiny NOLA Apartment: Before

Hi guys. Here I am for week 2 of my New Year’s resolution to be a better blogger! Woohoo, I’m on a roll!

Since part of our former crazy-not-enough-time-for-blogging-life is a result of moving yet again, I figure I might as well give y’all a little tour of our new digs. Since we moved from our fairly large home in Gulfport (which I just posted about to give you a reference… I know, I’m the worst) into less than 500 square feet, it was, and still is, an adventure. 

I’ll start with this caveat:  while it seems super impressive to move from 2100 ft2 to 475 ft2 and live to tell the tale, I feel I should strongly emphasize that we did not fit all of our STUFF from Gulfport into our new apartment.  I can be pretty resourceful, but that’s just crazy.  There is a storage unit involved here.

However, I’m still pretty proud that we were able to create a space that 2 adult humans plus 3 dogs (none of whom are small) can comfortably share (considering one of those humans has a lot of clothes and shoes. I’ll let you guess which one of  us that is….).

Here, the pups enjoy taking up our entire bed.
Here, the pups enjoy taking up our entire bed, and give you a little preview of our “After”.

Even an in-person tour takes approximately 30 seconds, but I’m going to show you both some “before” pictures, and the floor plan we were working with.  I drew out the floor plan on some graph paper on our second walk-through, so I had a pretty solid plan for  how we would make this place work going into it.

Front Courtyard

One of the things we loved about this unit is that there is a front gate opening into a courtyard, with a little front porch.  One of the other apartments in this building that we considered had a lot more space inside, but lacked this front area (it was also a little more expensive).   We decided we really liked the idea of a courtyard and having that extra buffer from the street… and saving a little moulah never hurts.

bedroom into kitchen
Looking from front room/bedroom into kitchen

When you first walk in, you are in the bedroom.  This “shotgun” style is fairly common in this area, but it’s still hard to get used to walking through a bedroom to get to the living space when you aren’t used to it.



Ah, the bathroom.   It’s small, but functional.  I may end up in a fight with that door before our time here is up… we shall see if it gets to remain in its current position or not.  For now, door, you are safe….but I don’t like you.  I’m sorry, I just hate the way you swing.

living area
Kitchen/Living Area

The galley-style kitchen is open to the “living area”. We also have window units instead of central air, but at least the place is well insulated (serious bonus!).


A view of the galley kitchen from the back door.

Kitchen and Back door

Front view of the kitchen.

Backyard/Deck- the far door is our Apartment

The backyard is a big reason we chose this place over some other, less expensive units.  At most, we’ll have to share with 2 other units, but both are currently being renovated, so the pups have the place to themselves.  It’s been great, and despite the small living space, they seem to really enjoy being here (so many smells!).  We’re really close to the zoo, so I think they like smelling and hearing all the animals!

So, to review: you enter the area through a wrought iron door, into a courtyard.  There’s a little front porch, and stairs leading up to the unit above us.  When you first walk into the front of our apartment, it’s our bedroom, and the bathroom is immediately to your left.  The closet is a decent size- but it is the only closet in the whole place (eek!).  The kitchen was recently renovated and has both granite…and a dishwasher (yay!)!  Our laundry is outside in the shed, but we also get to use that space for additional storage, which is nice.  Below is a little floor plan so you can see what we were working with.  Next week, I’ll show you how we made the space work for us!

Apartment Floorplan
Apartment Floorplan


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