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It appears that I like to do things a little backwards over here at, and instead of going into all the excruciating details of our year-long live-in renovation (about which I have a bunch of great ideas for posts, but no actual posts…. I’ll get there, maybe), I’m just going to go straight to the before and afters and show you the final product…again.  I’m a sucker for a big reveal. Anyway, this house was a total mess (2 dumpsters worth, actually) when we bought it, but I could see the potential as a great family home for someone, so we tried to integrate finishes and a layout that a family would appreciate for the longer term. I guess technically this was our first attempt at flipping/rehabbing… maybe that’s an excuse for why it took so long (despite us actually staying there) and why we didn’t make out quite as well as we’d hoped?  We ended up finishing the cottage (which we started later) before this one.

Despite some ups and downs, after a year of working on it, I absolutely loved the way it turned out.  So naturally we put it on the market as soon as it was done…and waited. And waited.  AND WAITED.  Finally after dropping the price a few times, we were able to sell to a wonderful family, and finally move on.  Like I said, I’m a little backwards over here.  It’s such a gorgeous house (now), but my daily commute to work was ridiculous, so even though we didn’t do too well as flips go, we were ready to let it go. Since Mike transitioned to being a full-time renovation man, we’ve decided to make the move to New Orleans so I can be closer to work …and we’re both closer to all the wonderful things New Orleans has to offer.  This house, while kind of a flop, was a huge learning experience and we definitely took away more positives than negative.  In the end, we’re really excited that we were able to create a beautiful home for a lovely family to enjoy, and will now be able to explore a new (and really fun!) city!

Check out the before/after pics and the virtual tour- all of the after photos and the tour are by the talented  Avera Design, who I highly recommend if you’re planning on selling a home on the Gulf Coast… James’ gorgeous photos kind of make us look better at renovating than real life (I’m ok with that, though!).

Gulfport Before/After: Front and Back- Front backyard Kitchen- kitchen kitchen2 Living/Dining- livinglving2 Guest Bathroom- guestbath 2nd/3rd Bedrooms- bedrooms Master Bedroom/Bathroom- master masterbath For a better idea of the After, check out the virtual tour. We never did manage to get to the full potential of this house- the attic could have accommodated 2 more bedrooms, another bath and a playroom… but alas, New Orleans was calling, property values in the area were dropping and it was time to just cut her loose and move on.  More on that to come!

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